over 60’s at ushaw moor salvation army.1967??


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Circus is coming to town

In the 70s we used to take our children to the circus down to the sands at Durham (“The Big Top”, near the ice-rink). We thought we’d pull the wool over our bairns eyes by pretending that the people dressed in animal outfits we’re the real thing but no, not even the tiny kids believed they were real animals! Have you got any memories to share?

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Club Trips

How  many of you went to New Brancepeth Working men children’s Trip.

One time that I know of there was 22 busses taking  people and their family’s to the seaside. Most times went to South Shields.

Everybody met up the club for8-30am were standing in either side of the road, dressed in all best clothes, waiting for the busses to arrive.

All children had spades and pails. Think the dads had to go in the club and collect the children’s money they were getting to  spend at the seaside. Cant remember if it was £1 altho that seems a lot for the 60’s. Any one know.

Getting on all busses was a thing cos family’s and friends wanted to be  together on the same bus.

Off we’d go  us women carring the bait for the day.Home made cornbeef and tattie pies loads of sarnies, egg and tomato. Ham and pease pudding.and a couple of flasks with tea in.

We would get there about 10-30am.Hurring off the busses to get in the queue to buy a couple of deckchairs.Then get settled on the beach and we were there all  day come rain or shine. Always having a eye on the children cos they could go straight down to the sea hav a paddle then turn to come back and would be walking away for where we were sitting.There was always a lost childrens place and if a child had been took there it would come over the loudspeaker the name of the child.Some older children got lost on purpose.

At 4pm we would pack up and take the children to the shows[fair] for the last hour. and always they got a doll or gun to come home with and candy floss and toffee apple. By this time the showfield would be full but children managed a ride or two. and us mothers had a game of bingo. Then went back for bus, everyone always looked sunburned on the face even if it had been dull.

Lots of the children would go to sleep coming home so ment when got back to New Brancepeth we were carrying kids too.

Everyone had a good time. We would be eating rock all week. I liked pineapple flavour.


remembering door to door salesmen. in 60’s

chinney sweep

window cleaner……………Soccer Gleghorn. nowadays…………………….John Young & co

Insurance man………………..Billy Booth

Papers delivered……………………….Mr Kitching.  nowadays………………………….. From Wendy’s shop

Veg man……………………………… Mr Duggan.  now………………………………… Ward Family?

Dent’s bakers

Coalmen………………..Rowlands Bros…. and NCB.

The Indian with the turban and the big suitcase that sold everything.

Bet there’s lots more, do you remember?



Having to go to ushaw moor in 60’s

Went to Broughs grocery store at bottom of station road. Would walk there from Jubilee St. Through the field came out  at road to go down bank to the beck. alright going it was the coming back when we had bags to carry. Sometimes we came up the clay bank, don’t think when we were carrying bags.

Used to go to Bingo at the Empire on a Thursday night. Get the bus there but always had to walk back, were lucky to get the bus if someone was out of bingo to stop it and we would all pile on. we all enjoyed going even in cold winter nights hoping to win. Anyone know when it was turned into the Winning Pub?. went there in 80’s.

Aunty Dolly from New Brancepeth had a prize Bingo going in a hall. think it was behind the big club at ushaw moor in the 60’s.

Loads of people used to go.Well could win prizes and would have a snowball game, that won you more vouchers.

1964? the drs closed at New Brancepeth. We had to go to the one next to the chemist where the chapel of rest is now. Think the chemist then was down station road. Dont know when the new drs was built along Durham Road.

Us pregnant ladies had to there, and when babies born we would push big prams over ushaw moor and back. we would call in for a coffee in a cafe down station road.

Since then everyone goes.


Newcastle United………………….Sir John Hall

In 2004, my granddaughter and her boyfriend were taking her young brother to  the football at Newcastle. On the morning when they were going she phoned me to say boyfriend couldn’t go, and did i want to go in his place. did i want to go YES.

It was a Sunday game in November. So instead of making dinner i was in my warmest clothes for this big adventure.Well thats what it was to me.

We set off Her driving us at 11 o’clock, which was a bit late but we were on our way.

Got to Newcastle….. where do we go from here? where do we park? We tried  one street near the  stadium [ at least we found that].

Someone say to us cant park there, police will tow it away. Rode round a while [ match starting at 2] and then found a place. Hope  we find it when we come back.

Anyway managed to get to the stadium. All the people, and  the buzz was good, where is our seats. someone say go over to that turnstile.

Through there and up steps, how many more steps they went on for ever and weren’t ‘ even inside yet.

My grandson say come gran the game is starting. Well it had to start, got through the doors. Game had started. the man say up to them seats up there.Sir John Hall West Corner L7 Upper. Row R Seat 0242 It was a long way up and Newcastle scored before i go into my seat.

It took a good while for me to get my breath back. T he players looked like ants running about we were that far up. then i had a laugh. Next time i’ll be behind the  goalie.

In the interval my grandchildren say do you want to come for something to eat. I say leave me here. When they come back i say

bet you had a good laugh at me. They say we wouldn’t.

I enjoyed the second half and got into the  fun of it all. Bought a program. At the end of the game I say stay here till everybody gets out. When we came down all them steps. The man say next time you come ask one of us to take you to the lift. I laughed and say i will.


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Enter the Dragon

One morning in 1973 before going to work, my husband say “we’ll go to the pictures tonight to see Enter the Dragon”

I say it about Kung Fu.[martial arts] are you sure.

So after work off we went to the Essoldo Picturehouse in north road, Durham.

As expected it was  Fast ,bloody, and plenty of fighting.

Bruce Lee and John Saxon are but a few that started in the film.

when i tell my grandchildren now that me and granda went to see that film, they say you and granda went and laugh cos it was so out of character of him.


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